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The new IMO Tier III regulations have become into force for all vessels above 24 meters with a combined propulsion power of more than 750 kW and/or generator engines greater than 130kW, and which have had their keel laying after 1 January 2021.

Clean power with exhaust after treatment systems
In order to clean up diesel exhaust pollution, Zenoro offers a range of exhaust after treatment systems with our partner Xeamos. With the combined DEATS units, both NOx and Particulates can significantly be reduced. The solutions are available for almost all engine brands and – types, and do include an EIAPP certificate.

Together with Xeamos, Zenoro offers certified solutions for IMO Tier III as a package for both propulsion and generator set applications. Beyond IMO III, more advanced systems will be made available that are EU Inland Waterway Stage V compliance.

Advice and solutions
As a generator set and exhaust after treatment specialist, Zenoro has combined standard or tailor made solutions available which will fit in your new built or refit yacht project. Our approach is to be a one-stop-shop supplier, by that we take a wider project responsibility.

Zenoro customised sound enclosures can be opted to carry a Dual Exhaust After Treatment System on top of the generator set. This limits the shipyards installation workload to a minimum. Simply install as a complete skid and connect seawater, fuel, exhaust and power cables.

About IMO Tier III
The International Maritime Organization’s regulations regarding nitrogen oxide emissions have got steadily stricter over the last two decades. The IMO Tier III entered force in 2016, but only in North American and US Caribbean waters. For the European market, Tier III regulations will come into effect in the North Sea and Baltic Sea Emission Control Areas from 1st January 2021. This means that all vessels with an engine output greater than 130kW, with a keel-laying date after 2016 for US waters and 2021 for North Sea and Baltic Sea waters entering these areas must comply with IMO Tier III regulations.

Also for refit the same rules apply if a diesel engine installed on board a vessel has to be replaced by a non-identical diesel engine, the replacement engine has to comply with IMO Tier III emission regulations for installations after the 1 January 2016.