Sustainable solutions

Looking to the future, environmentally friendly and sustainability are extremely important. Many vessels are hopelessly behind when it comes to reducing emissions. We provide various sustainable solutions, to be ready for the future.


The new IMO Tier III regulations have become into force for all vessels above 24 meters with a combined propulsion power of more than 750 kW and/or generator engines greater than 130kW, and which have had their keel laying after 1 January 2021. Together with Xeamos, Zenoro offers certified solutions for IMO Tier III as a package for both propulsion and generator set applications.

Waste Heat Recovery

Waste heat recovery is the process of reusing heat energy that otherwise would be disposed of or simply released into the atmosphere. By recovering waste heat, plants can reduce energy costs and CO₂ emissions, while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency. With our Zenoro waste heat recovery system, we could execute all heat exchanged generator sets driven by John Deere marine engines.


All yachts are built for comfort. They offer all manner of comfort on board and access to the most beautiful spots and harbors in the world. The difference when powering electrical systems with the Zenoro Marine Battery Platform can be felt by everyone on board. No noise, no odor, no vibrations, and no thin layer of waste matter from exhaust fumes on the water around you. That means ultimate relaxation while enjoying nature and each other.