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Waste heat recovery

Waste heat recovery is the process of reusing heat energy that otherwise would be disposed of or simply released into the atmosphere. By recovering waste heat, plants can reduce energy costs and CO₂ emissions, while simultaneously increasing energy efficiency. Because of the smaller electrical consumption, you need smaller heaters to boil water.

With our Zenoro Waste heat recovery system, we could execute all heat exchanged generator sets driven by John Deere marine engines. The warm coolant of an engine is normally cooled down inside the built-in heat exchanger by seawater arriving from the raw water pump.

How it works
To make use of the available heat, we install an AMOT and extra heat exchanger in parallel with a fixed temperature setting,. The coolant transfer depends on Load and delta Temp Engine versus customer system, the colder the clients system the higher the efficiency. The AMOT valve protects the engine from cooling down too much. This solution saves energy!